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tv   [untitled]    September 28, 2014 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> we've talked about being able to do this now we're going to be forced to do this it's a good thing but to pay for it. >> it's not only protecting their property but every dollar is for mitigation it truly is protecting our investment overall the city. >> it's the right thing to do. you can look at the soft story building and theirs like the buildings that collapsed in the earthquake and your shufrtdz to see this >> people are getting caught to get this done and if people can find a place in our homes of shelter it will keep people in their homes.
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>> together we'll work out of getting out of 0 disaster and making the community bringing back to what we love. >> as a level of folks we've talked about we make recommendations to make everyone mitigated their soft story problems no other jurisdiction has tried to tackle this ordinance and we're set to have our program complete by 20/20. >> the quality of the people are here because of the leadership. >> it's a great conversation statewide how to do this and i can only stress this enough if we didn't have the community of
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the san franciscans that are concerned people, you know, talking about our financing is options and our engineering requirement if you altercated all our work it's consensus driven to provide options we don't have one path but one relative for people to get there. >> it's been an excellent consumption of the services i think i'm going to need if i go through this yeah, i'm very >> good afternoon welcome to
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the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of tuesday, september 23, 2014. madam clerk increase although >> yes mister president supervisor autos autos present supervisor breed here >> supervisor campos present size of soup >> so president to present you supervisor: present supervisor farrell, present supervisor kim , present not present >> supervisor mark here supervisor chang present >> supervisor winner present >> supervisor he >> present supervisor kim present >> all members of passengers of ladies and gentlemen could
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you please join us in the pledge of allegiance. >> madam clerk. any communications? >> there are notifications today mister present >> could you read our consent agenda >> item 1 is the consent calendar it is considered routine income item rejects an item may be removed and >> on item 1 supervisor avalos aye supervisor breed aye supervisor i was aye supervisor chiu aye supervisor: aye supervisor farrell aye supervisor kim aye supervisor mark aye supervisor chang aye supervisor winner aye
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supervisor he aye >> there are 11 aye shares of the ordinances passed into >> i do, in order to appropriate a proximally $2 million from the general fund reserve to the mayor's office of housing to be divided or 2 fiscal years. 2014 and 15 and 15, existing for legal services for unaccompanied children and families on the san francisco immigration court expedited removal docket. justo supervisor covers >> thank you. i just want to note it seems our actions. the board of supervisors are having an impact in other parts of the country. just year that new york city is allocating about $2 million along the same lines that the city and county of san francisco is doing today. so thank you to my colleagues. to the mayor's office >> [inaudible] without objection this ordinances on the path. item 3 shares of item 3 in ordinance to amend the ministries of code section 6.688
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to uprise the public director tuition a competitor prices between prequalified construction managers general contractors, and to prequalified subcontractors to design build electrical plumbing and exterior building envelopes of work for the truck accompanied and forensic services division project >> this ordinances passed on 1st reading item for >> item for-6 >> 4-6 >> these everyone's is for the public utilities commission that appropriate the following funds from fringe benefits or salads. proximally $12,300 from the commissions bureau of operating budget proximally $79,000 from the commissions water enterprise department operating budget and $194,000 from the commissions wastewater enterprise department operating budget. read the appropriateness of less expenditures to support projected increases in overtime salaries for the puc to be retroactive to june 30, 2014. >> colleagues think custom call these ordinances are
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passed on the 1st read. item 7 >> item 7 is the ordinance approving the remarketing of finance corporation lease revenue refunding bonds for the mosconi center expansion project series 2008. 1 and 2 approving the form of a reimbursement custodian and the agreements including the amended and restated agreement approving the remarketing supplements and granting general authority to city officials to take the necessary actions in connection with the remarketing of the bond and ratifying previous actions taken in connection therewith. >> this ordinances passed on pershing. item 8 >> i do make resolution to retroactively approve amendment number 1 to the cellular service equipment site lease between t-mobile west and the city extending the term for 5 years from july 1, 2014 through june 30, 2019. >> this resolution is adopted. next item >> item 9 resolution approving modification number 1-21 link
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lease and the use of the dream hawaiian airlines and the city 2 at the ministry of office to the leesport approximate minimum guarantee of $870,000 over the remaining of the lease expired on june 20 327 >> this resolution is adopted. >> next item >> item 10 resolution approving authorizing the execution modification number 1 to the lease and use of recent greenwich united airlines and the city to increase the premises by approximately 92,000 square feet in an approximate total amount of 93 million over the remaining 7 years of the term expiring in an approximate total amount of 93 million over the remaining 7 years of the term expiring on june 30, 2021. >> this resolution is adopted. items 11-16 related to the master leases with the u.s. navy >> the 6 resolutions approved various amendments between treasure island development authority and the united states navy. items 11-16 r amendment
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number 10 to the childcare master lease amendment number 26 to the event venues master lease and the 6th amendment to the firefighting training center master lease and amendment number 39 to the land and structures master lease and amendment number 18 to the marina master lease and amendment number 32 the south waterfront master lease. finally to extend the terms for one year december 1, 2014 through november 30, 2015 >> these resolutions are adopted. item 17 >> item 17 resolution authorizing the office contract administration to enter into 9 individual contacts with the technology and market place purchases between the city and endpoint technologies worldwide technology, computer silicon valley extech technology integration group central computers solar services, robert half technology and intervention systems technology with each individual contract initially not to exceed 12 $9 for the term ending september 30, 2017 with 2 option to
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extend the contract for up to one year each at the sole and absolute discretion of the city. >> this resolution was adopted. item making >> item making resolution authorizing the execution sale and delivery of multi family housing revenue note in an principal amount not to exceed $25 million for the purpose of providing financing for the contention of the 67 unit affordable renting housing rental unit known as bill sorrell community >> same house some call. this resolution is adopted. item 19 >> item 19 resolution approving and authorizing the conveyance of real property located at 1009 howard street from the opposite community investment and infrastructure. to the mayor's office of housing and community $99 worth of mercy housing california 51 tortious >> this resolution is adopted. next item >> item 20 is an ordinance designating the giant sequoia tree at 3660 market street as a landmark treaty pursuant to public works of section 8
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tenant making a finding supporting the designation and requesting official accents to the landmark tree designation. >> supervisor winner >> thank you mister president. colleagues today before us is an ordinance that we don't see before us very often. specifically when marking a tree. we don't see very often because it is not something to be done lightly. it is something that you done very sparingly. when the tree rises to the level that it deserves to be landmarked. this is for a landmark in of a giant sequoia tree located at 3066 market street. this way marking has very very strong and deep support in the neighborhood and are not ignored by the neighborhood association as well as many many neighbors in the area. i will say that i know colleagues here may be snickering a little bit about this, however i'm not i actually get stopped on the
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street about the street. the possibility that it might be removed is distressing to a lot of people. this landmark designation will help ensure this giant sequoia is preserved for future generations to enjoy. the trees nearly 100 feet tall and its trunk is approximately 12 feet in circumference. there are very few giant sequoias here in san colleagues i ask for your support in ensuring this magnificent treat is preserved in the corporate heights neighborhood mister president, i am requesting an amendment on this item. specifically on page 1 line 7 by adding as detailed in
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the ordinance. just to tie the official act in furtherance of the landmark tree designation as detailed in the ordinance >> all move at a moment >> line 17. >> is line 67. >> supervisor leader is moving a moment is her 2nd you that >> 2nd supervisor compost without objection. that moment is made. on the supervisor campos >> i be added as a cosponsor of this item >> with that, any other cosponsors to this treat,? with that, colleagues can we take this item in the same house and call? without objection, the giant sequoia is designated a landmark tree. pass on 1st reading. with that colleagues we do not have a 230 special, nation today. will wait until 3 copy them for special order we go to our committee reports item 25 >> the committee reports mister president. >> yes >> item 25-27 were considered by the rules committee and
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regular meeting on thursday, september 18. the committee consider these items to be urgent nature and for them to the board estimate he reports. item 25 is the motion reappointing supervisor [inaudible] to the peninsula corridor joint powers board for two-year tour ending june 30, 2016. >> colleagues we haven't motion to excuse supervisor: >> 2nd bite supervisor [inaudible] she's excuse. we can take a vote on the motion to accept >> on item 25. i'm so supervisor autos, aye supervisory i aye compost i supervisor to aye supervisor carol aye supervisor can aye supervisor mark aye supervisor tank chain aye supervisor winner aye supervisor yee aye
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there are 10 aye >> the motion is a prison item 26 >> item 26, recommended as amending the commended as amended adding the nominee to the title. the motion appointing reasonable term ending march 1, 2016 to the in-home supportive services public authority. >> about >> item 26 supervisor autos aye. supervisor breed aye supervisor compost aye supervisor to aye supervisor: aye supervisor farrell aye supervisor kim, aye supervisor mark aye supervisor tank aye supervisor winner aye supervisor yee, aye there are 11 eyes >> the motion is approved. >> next item >> item 47 is a motion appointing michael sullivan term ending november 18, 2016 to the urban force we counsel. >> same housing call this motion is approved >> item 28 considered by the
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rules committee at a special meeting on thursday, september 18 and forwarded to the board as committee reports. item 28 is a motion confirming the mayor's appointment of the miguel puzo's, on community investment and in structure for term ending november 3, 2016. >> same housing call this motion is approved item 29 >> item 29 considered by the land-use economic development director meeting on monday, september 22. this item was forwarded to the board as committee reports it's an ordinance amending the planning code. what was elementary and secondary school and childcare uses that exceed $25,000 [inaudible] to authorize a nighttime entertainment use in the western [inaudible] up zoning district within 200 feet of any property within residential enclave or residential enclave mixed district where nighttime entertainment use legally operating within 5 years prior to an application to reestablish the use and allow
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nighttime entertainment as a permitted use within the western [inaudible] were mixed-use district >> supervisor can >> thank you president to. colleagues i ask for your support on this cleanup legislation for western summit plan which we passed last march. by 2013. it was a plan that gone through seven-year process. it is a very detailed and complex plan allowing multiple types of uses whether pdr, office rowing residential, and of course nightlife. in our western neighborhood. there are 2 key pieces of the plan. both institutions that we've been working with at the time of the plan that made some oversight for around their inclusion. one, allowing elementary and secondary schools and childcare in the rcd zone of the western summit plan which was original intention. not realizing that the growth of some of these sites would be prevented by prohibition on any larger than
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25,000 square feet and a regional commercial district. this plan would allow a school to grow larger to that size. we currently only have one public school [inaudible] in the stock market neighborhood and it's incredibly important to the stable to ensure we have more schools growing in this area and the site in particular. we have a growing [inaudible] immersion school for the city of [inaudible] that we would like to see continue to expand on 10th street. on 2nd was a issue that colleagues were [inaudible] the 11th straight entertainment core door. in our zoning changes to prohibit residential and or to put conflicts between the listing nightclub life one that is particularly reflective of our lgt community we had an oversight with parcel that had existing entertainment use in the future site of [inaudible] run by one of our well-known
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queens [inaudible] were hoping that they will get their 21st birthday on polson street on the stock market and this cleanup will allow them to exist on the site where entertainment is already currently in use and you want to recognize supervisor winner and supervisor, was critical sponsorship of this cleanup language. >> supervisor winner >> thank you mister president and i want to thank supervisor kim in her office for their work on this important legislation regarding the western soma plan. we know that nightlife plays a huge role in our city in terms of the cultural life in terms of the lgt community. also in terms of our economy is a $4.2 billion industry employed 53,000 people. it contributes about $55 million to our city budget in terms of local tax revenues.
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all too often, nightlife has been treated as a problem to be addressed in our city as opposed to the economic and engine and cultural engine for our city. so, very frequently unfortunately zoning is a real challenge around ensuring that nightlife can thrive in our city and that nightlife can continue even in places where it's historically existed and of course zoning is important to there are areas that are appropriate for nightlife areas and not appropriate. but particularly when you have an area like western soma, which has historically been such a key part of our nightlife in the lgt community, and when you see the news that have historically been nightlife venues that are at risk of or in effectively banned from having nightlife, that's a great
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cause of concern. one of the concerns that i had with the western soma plan and when and why i voted against it was because i thought it was not sufficiently supportive of the important role of the nightlife plays in western soma and was actually designed to reduce the number of permissible nightlife venues. in the western soma neighborhood. so i wasn't able to support the plan. but i am very appreciative of that were able to move forward with this text. in order to allow this location to resume its role as a nightlife venue. i'm incredibly excited that that [inaudible] formally known as [inaudible] is going to be able to restart on a regular basis as a big benefit for the neighborhood. it's a big benefit for the community and it something we should all be celebrating. so, i'm glad to be a cosponsor along with supervisor kim and compost in a report to voting for this item today >> supervisor compost >> thank you i don't repeat all the points that have been
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made. the one thing i agree with everything that's been said by supervisor kim and supervisor winner. the one thing i would add is that i think this provides an opportunity to have an anchor lgt business in an area that already has strong lg bt presence and strong lg bt history. it makes some strands that it would be key shack, with [inaudible] the cleanup doing this. so i want to thank supervisor kim and her office. supervisor winner anna for supporting this effort. and hopefully by the time this opens maybe [inaudible] will be able to use her facebook page as who she is. thank you >> without any further discussion, colleagues can we take this item in call? that objection this ordinance is passed on the 1st reading. madam clerk when we go to local
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>> the 1st member to introduce new business supervisor obelisk >> supervisor avalos [inaudible] supervisor compost >> thank you very much. colleagues, i have a number of items that i'm into saying today. beginning with what is landmark legislation to deal with a very important issue of gender pay inequity. despite passage of the equal pay act of 1963, which happened more than 50 years ago, which actually requires that men and women the same workplace be given equal pay for equal work the gender gap in paper says. since [inaudible] 2011 shows that the average woman still earns $.70 on the dollar for every dollar that is earned by a man. the pay gap is even greater for african-american women and latinas. african-american women earned $.64 on the dollar and latinas 56. women comprise more
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than 50 percent of the labor force in the united states and the consequences of this wage discrimination are not just impact on women but it actually impacts the entire family. it impacts the entire country. it means that women are having a hard time making ends meet and keeping up with inflation. in san francisco we are experiencing and affordability crisis and we have seen that we have the fastest-growing automotive were now going to address that inequality unless we actually close this gender pay gap. equal pay for equal work means that we can grow the middle class and build a broader economic base for our country. equal pay for equal work is therefore not only on woman's issue. it's an issue for every single american. the legislation that i am introducing today is aimed at making equal pay for equal work in reality at hundreds of san francisco workplaces. the legislation is modeled after
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president obama's recent federal directive that requires federal contractors to report compensation data including data on the race and gender of employees. to the federal opposite contact clients. my legislation and i want to thank supervisor kim for cosponsoring this legislation and her leadership in this issue -- i legislation will do the following: it adds a new section to the administrative codes on distribution provision. it requires all city contractors with at least 20 employees to submit an annual equal pay report to the city's human rights commission. this confidential report will include summary, session information for employees identified by sex, bi gender and race. the legislation creates an initial [inaudible]. time ring which the human rights commission will be
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charged with convening a working group to design a data collection system that is best suited to identify if wage discrimination is taking place. the purpose of this working group is to ensure a thorough accurate, data collection system that also minimizes administrative burdens on city contractors. the board of supervisors, the mayor's office, the commission on the status of women, will work and are asked to work with the human rights commission on this working group. after an initial period of time if the human rights commission that believes that wages just commission has occurred at a particular business, the commission can proactively investigate that business to determine whether workers receive equal pay for equal work. if the human rights commission determines that the employer has violated equal pay laws the commission can recommend that the city department that contract with the company issue penalties against the company, including
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up to termination or suspension of any outstanding contract with the city. it is the 1st time that such powers has been given to any government agency in this country. the human rights commission will report annually to the board of supervisors on it data it collects and any [inaudible] the number of investigations will commence based on the information received and the number of contractors that were penalized for violating equal pay laws here in san francisco. discrimination based on gender and race is already prohibited in the city's administrative code. as well as by federal law. nevertheless, the human rights commission only enforces those provisions when individuals actually file actions based on an allegation of discrimination. the problem is though that it is simply difficult for women to determine whether they are victims of wage discrimination because as a 2011 survey from the institute for women's
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policy research found that half the workers report that the discussion of wage and salary is either discouraged or prohibited work could lead to punishment. in other words, many companies ensure that the pay schedules and salary schedules are not there's a call to our secrecy around compensation [inaudible] continues. this legislation is groundbreaking in that it provides the human rights commission that data to proactively investigate businesses without having to rely on individual worker complaints and therefore ensuring equal pay at hundreds of businesses that contract with the city and county of san francisco. this legislation is also unique in that it contains consequences for contractors violating equal pay laws. if after an investigation human
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rights commission believes discrimination has been occurred the contractor can pay monetary oddities and risk losing the contract with the city. i believe that this legislation would put san francisco on the map as one of the leaders in this country in ensuring that finally, after decades, more than 50 years, that we will finally secure equal pay for equal work in this country. i want to especially thank all of the amazing organizations that work with us on this piece of legislation. in particular, the california national organization for women. whose president flew from los angeles yesterday to be at this press conference. i especially want to acknowledge the tremendous work that my chief of staff, hillary ronan, put into making this legislation possible. the next piece of legislation than introducing today is something that has been in the works for
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actually a number of years and it is yet another piece of legislation that addresses the challenges that women face in san francisco. as you know, planned parenthood open in my district more than 3 years ago and almost immediately upon the opening of planned parenthood staff and patients at this clinic have been harassed and intimidated by protesters in front of its doors. the freestanding clinic sits before a relatively narrow sidewalk. those of you have been to see it. every week, as women enter the clinic to receive reproductive health services, they must pass i several protesters who scream things like, don't kill your baby or abortion cause breast cancer. they are forced to walk by a barrage of posters lining the streets. the 8 foot tall posters contain pictures of bloody fetuses at different stages of gestation and in


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